AMP'd UP Live increases the volume of your voice and amplifies your thoughts, to a network of being heard. AMP'd Up Live! empowers artists, bloggers and entrepreneurs by letting them showcase their craft and/or products to real supporters and fans. We provide captivating, insightful and eventful interviews from the best interactive hosts for our viewers and listeners.  


At AMP'd Up Live we pride ourselves in delivering hot and new content. Our broadcast fixes it's features to your taste with Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, DanceHall music and other genres. Meanwhile, our members enjoy the latest and hottest in music, events,  trends, news and more!   


It also gives a platform for entrepreneurs to market and promote their business. We are quickly becoming the premium platform for the culture and a promotional powerhouse for established artists, businesses and rising stars and entrepreneurs. Why not share our dreams, everyday thinking, everyday topics to captivating viewers, listeners and readers, from our hearts and guts. It takes courage to be a part of a network where fans are able to stream through the app and the website and to be strong and strengthening. Tune-in to AMP'd UP Live! and watch episodes and to listen to the music on demand! Turn-UP the Volume!! AMP'd UP Live!! Keeping Up with Culture!


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BASED OUT OF: Brevard County, Florida.